I want to catch up with my ex?

My ex and me have been talking a bit since he has been back in town, just general friendly chat.
He said he missed me a few times but nothing else that would mean he'd get back with me.
I really value our friendship and the time together so i thought it was time to act on our promise to hang out and ask him for a drink tomorrow.
He said 'oh maybe'
and then 'i'll let you know what my movements are'

For someone that was saying he missed me he doesn't seem to be rushing to hang out...


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What Guys Said 1

  • Are you the one who broke up with him and had the idea to remain friends? If so, he might still have feelings for you and this internal conflict of whether he wants to allow feelings to resurface or not. That internal conflict will definitely lead to some erratic behavior.

    If he's the one who broke up with you and wanted to be friends, the dynamics change quite a bit. He might be kind of keeping you around as an option, but also knowing he desire something else for a girlfriend. Again there's an internal conflict in this scenario leading to erratic behavior, but for a different reason.

    Or I could be totally wrong about this. I'm basing it how I've dealt with ex-girlfriends and how I've seen my male friends and acquaintances go about it (limited sample size).

    That said, erratic behavior in these cases where people seem to flip-flop is almost always a sign that they have an internal conflict of feelings and/or an indecisiveness about how to feel about you.

    • [...] but also knowing he desire [/desires] something else for a girlfriend [...]

      I'm basing it [on] how I've dealt with ex-girlfriends and [...]

What Girls Said 1

  • Your probably his second option if something else doesn't work out. Don't wait for him go on dates too. The reason your aren't together now is your broke up. Why go back if it didn't work before. Just move on, find someone better


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