Husband let over a year ago and has never ever asked to come back once. Is this normal for a relationship spanning 16 years?

I had caught him chatting with several women online, during our marriage. He would always say how nuts I was. Is this normal? He is 9 years older than me


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  • Obviously I don't know the whole story, but based on what you shared with us here, it is clear that you don't even have a relationship. If you don't have kids, leave him and live the rest of your life freely. It sounds like he is taking you for granted and he isn't investing in this relationship as much as a husband should be. Then again, I am only judging by what you have written here which is about three lines of text, so who knows? :- /

    Good luck. : )


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  • It appears, here, dear, with '16 years' and all that, he is Definitely Not Into A... Normal Relationship anymore.
    I am not sure with you not having said, if you Both are even Chatting now. However, if He has made no Effort to Try and make Things go back to the "Way We Were," he is Still... Chatting with several women online.
    Good luck and You are far Better off now, @Mortdikeuu xx

    • *He may be '9 years older' but has Not Grown up. xx

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    • You always give good advice!
      keep up the good work

    • Thank you, hun, for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • Obviously not. Neither was you fucking your massage therapist in his office.

    • 7 years no sex does that to you. It wasn't my finest hour

    • Oh god. So asker isn't serious?

    • @SovereignessofVamps - she is serious as far as I can tell.

      Asker - I understand. And after a year of abandonment I would probably consider myself free and do the same. Why don't you get a divorce from the bastard. I am sure there are many guys who would do you so much better.

  • I'd assume it has to do with sexual dissatisfaction, but who knows! Maybe it was something else.


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  • I don't know about normal, but he could've just realized it wasn't what he wanted anyway. That the marriage ran it's course and he no longer wants to come back.

  • What else did he do?


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