Why did my ex contact me & then disappear again. Was my reply too stand offish?

We broke up just over 2 months ago & he sent me a message on whatsapp saying "Hope you're well :)" I was thinking wether I should reply, so the next day I messaged back "Thanks. Yeah I'm good and hope that things are good with you too." The message didn't go through till after midnight on Wednesday, and then he didn't say anything else.

He hasn't really been online after our breakup. Does he just want my attention? Of course I didn't want to tell him that I was trying to get over him and haven't been great. Part of me still wants him back. The break up was sort of mutual. He needed to get his life together. But why contact me now, only to leave it again. I wouldn't mind having a friendly conversation


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  • Because he's checking to see if you're open to taking him back. It's only so he can use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else


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  • do you want him back?

    • Part of me does want him back. At least to see him again. But we split up because he needs to get his life together. He's 32, so should be mature enough for us to be friends at least, if he's open to it. I think he's used to being alone, but I was so easy going that he liked being with me & showed him there is someone who cares about him. He has no family around him and he's a bit of a loner (not to sound mean), just how it is.

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    • we all miss that part. you have to decide if you can accept him for who he is. if not, then no contact so you can take your time to move on. don't wast your time.
      you can wonder about this and that. i am too... but at the same time, i go on dates to meet the next possibility.

      if you want to be with him, and him with you. you have to reflect on the pros and cons.

    • But he hasn't spoken to me since he said that anyway, so maybe he didn't like my reply, or just wanted to wish me well. I'm open to dating other people and I'm definitely not holding back from that. I just wondered why he contacted me and left it. But I'm just trying to live my life as well and move forward. Thanks for your advice

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