Is this a good way to text ex?

OK so me and my ex of almost 2 years broke up because we weret talking/seeing eachother as much and I guess it seemed as if I wasn't trying enough and basically things just fell apart. I didn't think there was much bad blood between us but weve barely talked in the past month (broke up like 3 weeks ago). I really love this girl and would die to get her back, but I just wanna at least be friends with her again beause we were very good friends before we dated and she even said she wishes to remain friends. I want to say
"Do you think we can talk about this one day and work it out because I feel horrible about everything"

Anything I should add or change to make me seem less desperate? I dont wanna get back together with this talk just not be estranged


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  • I mean, you are being kind of desperate so there's nothing you can do to make it less desperate. Don't send her a novel because she won't read it. Just say something like "i miss you and I wish we could work this out. I would love to be able to be friends, but I understand if you don't want to."

    • You think I should include the miss you part? And yea I guess I am being desperate, Im depressed not talking to her as weve talked daily for 4 years, I feel lost and its real shitty, maybe Im bad at breakups but I don't know, I enjoy her as a person

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    • Maybe she doesn't love you anymore. It happens and it's no one's fault.

    • Maybe

  • I just gotta say it's refreshing to hear that there IS men that care out there and want to fight for someone he wants to be with and express his feelings!! There is so many posts about asshole guys on here and being used etc.
    Your text sounds fine to me:) I hope it all works out the way you'd like it to :)

    • Believe me I do care! I love this girl, maybe its the way I was raised with a set of loving parents but thank you Ill let you know what happens :)

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