Why isn't he texting me?

OK well my boyfriend doesn't talk to me unless I talk to him 1st and I makes me so mad and upset because now I'm thinking maybe me and him aren't the best thing right now. and I send him pics of me ( not nasty 1s) but after I send them he ether says "jaw just hit the floor!" or something but sometimes there's no reply. am I doing something wrong here? he said somethings like " I want to try to be with you 4ever!" and it freaked me out she I have told him or not idk. and I kinda think he's cheating on me! he's always "bizy all the time and were not really together ever. he's never on AIM, Facebook or anything. I just want to tell him that maybe him and I are just not meant to be. but I don't want to lose him. what should I do help

still no texts and I think I'm done with his games! but I want to brake up with him I just don't have the heart to do it this time. I really don't know hy
I don't have the heart but w.e. I would still like 2 be friends with him after its over between us. but I'm really wondering if that could happen.could it? but if not he's missing out on a grate friendship I think. I helped him with so much even his ex
nvm every1 I broke up with him
i already have another boyfriend people so yea


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  • Yea, I must agree with previous comments. This guy is a total tool and he is not worth your time nor your attention. In your question, you wrote what this guys said, "I want to try to be with your forever"... pay attention to the word "try"... He's not really interested in being with you forever, he is just saying that, yea, I will try to stick with you, but if it is too much of a work, then heck with it. I don't think that he's cheating on you physically, it's just hard to figure it out. But I do know that he is not really into you. Because, when a guy is into a girl, he finds time to hang out and talk to the girl. In a relationship, if you are always there for him, it just shows that you don't have a life of your own. Your too available, and honestly, guys DO NOT like that. Guys like to be challenged, and they want to chase YOU! So, if you really want to stick with this dude, then you need to get a life. Stop texting him, getting involved, and go hang out with friends who are guys and girls... Stay busy...! He'll notice a difference in you, and then he'll want to figure out what has happened, and that will grab his attention. Then, it will be he who has to work to get your attention, and it will be he who is going to have to work to get you to hang out with him.

    But honestly, if you don't want to stick with him, then don't. ... He has not shown you enough respect to deserves your time and effort to work on this relationship.


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  • Sorry but he is a total tool. You deserve a relationship where the person pays attention to you and is honest and just generally around more. It's better to not have a boyfriend than to deal with guys that are a waste of time and energy. You are a pretty girl and I am sure plenty of nice guys would love to date you. Dump this loser and give someone else a chance, or just enjoy being a 16 year old girl because you only get to be 16 once.

  • He's just not that into you, watch the movie. lol

    sorry to say this, but you're too clingy !

    the best thing to do, is to break up with him and don't make a drama scene of it.

  • That's probably the best thing you can do just don't talk to him in awhile because he may want to try to get you back..


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