Guys, I screwed up. Help me?

I broke up with my boyfriend, and I miss him terribly. I just cry all the time now and I don't do much of anything. I love him more than anything but I listened to my friends and broke up with him due to some thing in his past. Would you take me back if you were him? (P. S It's a lot more confusing than this, but I gave you guys the condensed version.)


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  • To be honest, no. I did that once and ended up getting hurt again. Plus, if you let your friends talk you into making an important decision like that that really shouldn't involve then sorry, you got some growing up to do.

    Buuut... I'm not your ex and I don't know what kind of person he is. It's best to just check and see so at the very least, if does reject you, you'll have closure

  • I don't think I would. You made the decision to end it after talking to your friends instead of your fucking boyfriend. I'd almost feel betrayed and I wouldn't be able to trust a girl like that.

  • what something in his past... like drug use, buying prostitutes, or cannibalism.

    weed yeah you broke up deal with it
    heroin and meth i really understand wanting someone that isn't a death wish.
    trashy ladies good move breaking up
    eating people might be bad, good move breaking up

    moar details... MOAR


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