Should I stay friends with him?

I dated this guy back in January and February, we broke up because he didn’t want a relationship so we ended being friends with benefits since but I had feelings for him and they got in the way. He flat out told me he doesn’t love me probably never will, I’m not worth working things out for and he would rather just be friends and have us have fun going to the bar and hitting on girls. He then told me he may want to try again. He’s being all nice to me now trying to be friends. I just don’t know if I should stay his friend or not.
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  • Stay Strictly... Friends but do Not give him any "Benefits."
    He is Not going to Change, No Matter How Nice as Spice' he Gets.
    Of course, if you Feel it Might be a better Deal to just Cut out the Cancer, than Hands down to This, Give him the Pfffs.
    Good luck. xx

  • Hell no. He's just using you for sex. You're the go-to girl when he can't get anyone from anyone else. He's just keeping you hoping and happy so you'll always be there waiting for him to come around (which will NEVER happen). He's got the better end of the deal in this relationship. Find someone else.

    • Also, staying "friends" is going to make it too easy for him to manipulate you and fall right back into old habits. You have feelings for him I know but always remember "he didn’t want a relationship" and "he flat out told me he doesn’t love me probably never will." He was telling you the truth but you hung around anyway and let him use you. He's playing you girl. If you want to keep getting used hoping for things that won't happen then stay with him, but if you want to be able to move on and spend your energy on someone worthy of your affection, you need to cut him off and not talk to him anymore. Remove everything that reminds you of him and no matter what DO NOT respond or contact him. Good luck.

  • Not unless you want constant pain and disappointment. :(


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