Is my ex trying to bump into me?

I keep bumping into her at my hangout spot. I don't know whether she knows that my hangout spot but I'm sure she is coming there to check me out. We don't hate each other at all but She broke up with me. I told her if she wanted to get back with me to hit me up but I went full no contact.

when I see her we chat and hug each other but she will walk off to her gfs group. But I ask her out on a date and she says no. So I go ahead minding my own business and then I see her again. She even brought a date to that place and kissed him in front of me. I found it cute when she did that, but not jealous.

im not going to beg her and she knows there are a few women I'm dating at the moment. I Think she is shocked that I'm happy with her and happy without her. Because honestly it is her lost, and I don't mean it in a bad way.


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  • fuck her friend.


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