Could you be friends with an ex that you were never friends with?

I dated a girl for 5 years and we broke up because it didn't work out, so we both agreed to part ways. After 2 years we talked again and we still have a great connection and non of us are looking to get back into a relationship. The only problem is that she feels weird being friends as for me, I feel like we could be just normal people that talk once in a while that still keep in touch and are friends. One thing that is making me wonder is that before we dated we were never friends, we started getting to know each other after while in the relationship so when we broke up there was nothing but a relationship that was put behind. With my other ex gfs on the other hand, we were friends before we dated and we were able to overcome the problems and we became friends again.

So could there be a possibility that we could build a friendship even though there was none before we dated?
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  • I would never keep in contact with an ex. I just cut all ties. Remaining in contact with an ex just brings too much drama and complicates future relationships.

    I'd view it as disrespectful towards my new SO if i kept in contact with an ex. I wouldn't put him in that uncomfortable position. I'd always consider his feelings.


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  • Why be freidns with your ex? Just move on. I wouldn't date anyone who is still hung up on her ex.

    • I am moved on from her, all i want is a friendship since we had more of a friendship connection than a boyfriend and girlfriend connection. Thats ehy im asking.

    • I will personally not be friends with my ex like that, and have no interest to get involved with someone who is friends with her ex. So you might have girls who wouln't be happy with it. My advice would be to simply move on and not even be friends, as you mentioned yourself she feels weired.

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