I am just going through a really bad break up. My partner and love of my life that lived with me for our entire relationship has just screwed me over?

He ran off with a load of money as well as taking out fraudulent loans in my name there is a lot more to the story but I won't make this long. I'm devastated and just wanted to hear other people's stories?


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  • It is a bad situation, one of my ex's did something similar by basically getting me evicted from my flat which she then had and stole about £8000 of my saving, leaving me with nothing

    • I'm sorry. I guess omen are just as bad as men. But im only 22 have been in 2 relationships. First one lasted nearly 3 years the guy did love me and I him but he was abusive and took bad drugs he stole about 5 grand and also left me paying off his debts. I left him in the end but this one I was with I was every happy but he turns out to be a physco and a con man and I'm not the first girl he did this too. Live sucks :(

    • Yeah life does suck, my first partner cheated on me as I used to work nights as a Baker. So my trust in women at times can be thin but I retain hope that there are decent ladies out there

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  • stories about being fucked over?

    i was lied to by a girl... who claimed she was w/ only 3 guys before me... when in fact it was 36... basically the entire basketball team around her dorms (she played softball)... and probably her whole senior class in high school.

    i've never been so disgusted in my life.

  • Call the police and fill out an affidavit to dispute everything.

  • I am stuck in similar situation
    A slut I gave her chance
    But there is a baby involved


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