Why is he not answering my texts? he's def receiving them.

I've been dating this guy long distance for about 2 yrs. we've met once and talk on the phone a few times a day. we'd be fine and then all of a sudden he'd stop all communication and his phone wouldn't be working and then after about 2 weeks he'd get back in touch by email and say he was scared I wasn't being honest or he's afraid of commitment. he's done this about 4 times. I was going to England and he asked me meet up but I said he couldn't cos my mum doesn't really like how he treated me. he texted me one morning and then all of a sudden nothing it's been 2 weeks, none of his email accounts are working but his phone is. He was meant to move to Dublin Ireland where I live today but not sure now. He mailed me yesterday with 2 words 'move on' are we finished? what could he be thinking about me? and will he get back in touch?

Thank you


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  • Take his words as "truth"... move on!


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