Is he ashamed of me?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 11 months. he has two best friends. I was already friends with one. We have mutual friends as well. They all know we are dating. When we hang out with our mutual friends and new people are there they are normally told by friends, or in some way, that my boyfriend and I are a couple

nevertheless I've met my boyfriend's dad and sis before dating. He said he has told them we are dating now. He said for personal reasons that he just isn't ready to let me meet his mom, but when he's ready I will. he says it has nothing to do with me. he also says I will meet his other good friend who he only sees like once every month or he ashamed of me? does this sound like BS? he has had two long term relationships (a year or more) fail so I'm wondering if he is just being more careful/extra slow.


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  • i say trust him. if after a year he doesn't let you meet any of these "important people" in his life then ask him why not. Maybe it's not you he's ashamed of. Maybe it's them.

    • The best friend whom I do know he is close with. they hang out probably just as much as we hang out. he is very close with his mom. so idk. yeah I think ill wait just a bit longer and see what happens

    • Yeah wel I know that I never want any of the guys I date to meet my family cause I'm kind of ashamed of them. It's not that I don't think enough of the guy it's that I don't think enough of my family. Maybe it's the same way with him. I mean I'm close to my mom and everything too but I don't want my dates judging me based on her. you know what I mean?

    • I guess so. I don't think he's ashamed of them. and I certainly hope he is not ashamed of me. I'm hoping if he was we wouldve been over by now or he wouldn't be public about our relationship w/friends or in public. idk

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