Possible break-up. Did I do the right thing?

So my girlfriend doesn't give a fuck about me lately, Its been a while now where she rarely calls rarely texts, always has a lame excuse for not talking to me. She's cold and doesn't show affection. I sent her a text saying that I know there's something wrong with our relationship and so on, ending with if this is how its supposed to be its better that we dont talk at all. Im in love I dont want to regret this. Do you think I did the right thing?


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  • No, last part was a bit too attention-seeking with ultimatums. I hope it doesn't lead to a break up, but if you want to cling on to the chances of keeping her, the key thing to be allergic to is *drama*. In the worst case scenario that a heart-break occurs, that's also again the same thing you want to avoid at all costs -- *drama*.

    • Which part was attention seeking?

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    • That really sucks. It sounded bad but I didn't want to keep you from making a good effort, since heartbreaks tend to be more devastating if they end with actions that aren't so level-headed. The same advice applies though -- try to stay level-headed, try to avoid the unleashing anger, as it'll only lead to a downward spiral.

    • Im not the anger type I know I will get long time depressed, Im already starting

  • Just because we love someone doesn't mean they are good for us. Your read on her was that she wasn't interested anymore, and you did the only thing you could. I've had to do the same, and you know I didn't consider it me breaking up with her, she broke up with me. Mine spent 4 months at the cold bitch routine before I understood that she wanted me to go, but just couldn't say it. Waste of time. Hopefully you cut yours off earlier than that.

    • How did you guys actually break up?

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    • So you love her in the way that you still care for her and wish her happiness but do you love her in the way that you want to be with her? Are you still heartbroken?

    • Well wishes and happiness.
      This was a long long time ago.

  • Break ups are mostly the right thing
    If you can live without her, you should leave


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