Married men would cheat on their wives, or have? What would it take for you to cheat? ONLY IF YOU'RE MARRIED!

idk for some reason I think being the "other woman" is hot like I would do it while I'm young (19 years old) but once I get to like 21 I mean no I want a real relationship.. but yeah men have you ever, would you ever and what would it take to get you to cheat on your wives? just wondering :D


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  • i wouldn't cheat on you. very sexy.

  • It's very rare to find someone that would overpower the love of my life, but I'll admit that if I was more happier with her than my wife, I would divorce my wife and be with her. I wouldn't actually cheat on a woman, ever. I know what that feels like and it only creates headaches for me and everyone involved.

    Considering if my wife was:

    - Emotional Distraught 24/7

    - Always assumed I was cheating on her, without any evidence

    etc etc etc (Negatives traits)

    It would take this, for me to cheat on my wife:

    - Someone REAL.

    - Someone that I found attraction in (Same interests, Laughter during conversations, etc)

    - Someone that was able to hold a stable relationship (Not a FWB / ONS girl)

    - Someone that had a life / depth that goes beyond relationships

    - Someone that isn't know for taking husbands from wives

    - Someone that was fun / interesting, that I could imagine myself with in the future.


    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • So much for being anonymous =)

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