6 months later I want to get back together but what do I say?

Its been 6 months since we broke up. She cheated on me. But I love her and she's still all that I've thought about. I don't know if she's still with that guy but I lean towards yes. I have to message her tho. I have to try to get back together. What can I say? What should I text her?


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  • Would you trust her again not to cheat? I ask just because trust is important and you deserve that if you're going to enter a relationship with someone who has previously done this to you.
    I would maybe start a convo in a casual way to see how she's been and what's new blah blah. And casually ask later in the convo about the other guy, and see!
    Have you not talked to her since the break up?

    • I don't know if I could trust her or not but I (stupidly) fell in love with her and I still completely am. I have to try if that makes any sense. I don't know if I can ask her about him, its really a huge mess. Short way of saying it is we were all in a social group but he was like a friend of a friend (the friend that introduced us).
      I ended it a week before my birthday. She texted happy birthday and a month later it was hers so I texted happy birthday and that I missed her. 2 months later we were all hanging out (me, her, him, our main mutual friend and 2 others). We barely spoke or looked at each other but it was really me who made a point to not and she just followed

    • Well you won't know unless you try. Text and say hi and see where the convo goes. You should be able to get a good read on where she's at and if she's interested by doing so.

      How long did you date for originally?

    • That's the way I see it too. I have to try. So I just say hi? Like im usually a good talker but I don't know what to say, even after that. My mind is just a mess.

      9 months. The first 6 or so were, intense a bit. We spend about 5-6 days a week together just us, maybe 6+ hours for most days. some days literally all day. The next 2 we were more normal, maybe 3 days a week but still texting constantly. The last month is bad and we were seeing each other less and talking less

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  • just try to be a friend and if she still has feelings she will fall... be patient

    • wht should I say to her? I figured if she doesn't respond to me just saying hi that I could say that im wondering if we can be friends like we were before we started

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