How do I move on?

I've known this guy for almost 4 years, we've dated for 6 months and we have been best friends ever since the break up. Right after he broke up with me he wanted me back I said I would think about it. I waited too long he ended up moving miles away. Two years later I finally made the decision to give him a second chance. Then he tells me to move on. But I really like him and I feel so empty and depressed. What should I do? I really miss him.


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  • You are still young, you have your whole life ahead of you to meet guys. I understand you miss him, but trust me he isn't the only guy in the world. Time heals all wounds, keep yourself busy, hang out with friends, pick up a new hobby. Don't give him a second chance just do you. I've been in your position before when I was younger, I felt broken, empty. But what you have to do is keep yourself busy, if you two see each other on a daily basis act like he doesn't exist. Treat him like he is invisible and I promise you it will help you move on so much. Best of luck


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  • I'm sorry you're down:(
    You're quite young still and have a lot of experiences ahead of you. You'll meet many guys and feel this same way over time.
    If he's moved and has said to move on I would do so. Give yourself time to accept it and find your happiness from within:)

    • I don't know how.

    • Time heals.
      Keeping busy and occupied. We need to find our happiness in ourselves to be a healthy person emotionally. Over time you will feel better if you allow yourself to, and accept it.
      I remember when I was your age I went through my first heartbreak and it lasted 8 months, but I never accepted that he was really gone and didn't want to be with me anymore and I think that played a huge part in why it took so long. I've experienced heart break through out life since. It's a part of life, and doesn't get easier.
      Maybe journal your feelings when you feel really down. Pretend to write him letters but don't send them. You will eventually feel better I promise, it'll just take some time xx

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