Guys, Have you ever broke up with your girlfriend of a few years to come to find out that breaking up was a big mistake? If so why? What did you do?

Why the break up?


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  • No.

    Really? Not enough character? What about now?

    LOL! Are you serious?

    Okay, good now. So, in summary... No.

    • That was not really helpful. Thanks always

    • maybe not helpful, but hopefully just a little bit funny ; )

  • Oh yea, I broke up with a girl twice and she was still my friend and kind to me. I realized later that my reasons for breaking up were dumb (just struggled with commitment) and that she is the best friend I've ever had. Add in that she is seriously good looking and you can't help but kick yourself in the ass for messing it up.

    I've contacted her, told her how I felt, but she is with another guy now (rebound), and while she isn't into him, she uses it as an excuse to not get back with me, even though she admits and acts completely in love with me still.

    So I've just been texting her and being funny and charming and being her friend and flirting with her occasionally.

    Given that she isn't over me, either she wants to see if I'll stay committed and come back to me after she has some trust, or she is making a poor choice by allowing me to charm her while with someone else.

    Either way I have a chance, and I'm going to run with it because I really miss her and want her.


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