Keeping this feeling inside and never know the possibility or telling him and knowing?

Do i tell him how I still feel for him? I am not sure anything will come of it but I feel/believe that saying something is better than holding it in and never knowing for sure. We had a great relationship for the time we were together until he fell into some sort of stress and upon coming out of it he totally changed. In the beginning he told me if there were problems we would talk about them etc. After the stress je told me, but it seemed like he ran. He told me he didn't feel connected and wasn't having the feelings he thought he should. he told me this one week and I didn't talk to him until the next week and thats when he ended it. Like i said I felt like he just ran. I feel like we have more, we really had a good thing going and then I just dont get it. He was someone we both said we could grow old with and saw us being together awhile. Both me and him thought so as well as everyone else including his family and our friends. He was my person and the one that got away. Since the Bu we have been inn contact. He initiated it and now I do some days. Sometimes we talk a lot during thr weeks and others it goes days. Liek I have not talked to him since Wednesday. We also had sex 3x and I know thats not a good idea. I sleep over when we do and its like It was before. We cuddle and such, but the next morning he tries to give me this awkward hug- like really!! For some reason I believe that soon or sometime down the road there could be another chance for us. To just give up is like running away from the problems he was having and it was he was ashamed or something. So should I tell him? If nothing comes from it then so be it, but just to get it off my chest might be better.
Keeping this feeling inside and never know the possibility or telling him and knowing?
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