Long distance relationship went bad, how to fix it?

I was in a long distance relationship with this amazing girl for a while and everything was perfect, after a while she told me she had a habit of hurting her self with sharp objects and she know it's wrong but she can't stop it , so every time she did hurt her self I ignored her for a day or more sometimes and she would text me like 20 times trying to fix us. After a while she said she can't handle this and we are over , I tried to fix everything only I made it worse , she now contacts me once every while and tells me she feels like I am stalking her even tho I am in a different content than her and just signed a contract with this company but she won't believe me , now that I lost every way to communicate with her and she ignores my texts I started to miss her like insanely , after a while I remembered that I know her Skype account but she doesn't know that.
Should I message her on her Skype account or that would scare her more? and what's the best way to approaches her if I decided to message her on her Skype account?

I really want to get her back so yah , I appreciate your help.
Long distance relationship went bad, how to fix it?
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