I keep getting frustrated with my boyfriend. Was I wrong to get upset at him?

In a couple of instances, he has been either forgetful or had selfish tendencies with his choices and we've talked about it. He said that he feels bad that he just doesn't consider me, even when he makes choices and doesn't think anything is wrong. We got into an argument the night before because he wanted to leave my home at 2:30 am after he and my roommate grab something to eat. I'd already fallen asleep but they woke me up to tell me. I said okay, have fun, assuming they'd ride together. He said he wanted to take his own car and leave afterward. He'd spent the entire day at my house (I was there a few hours since I worked all day), why not just spend the night? I was upset and told him. We made amends as he said he wanted to get a full nights rest and not be woken up by me when I get up in the morning. He promised to have plans tomorrow for us.

The next day I worked a full day again, and he didn't text me until about 8 pm, just detailing his day and saying he was on the couch with his roommate. I asked him if we still had plans. By then, I had gotten off, ate dinner w my roommates. He said "sorry got caught up playing poker with the boys" and wanted to know if I was still going to his friends' party. He asked to make it up to me twice and said sorry that he should've said something. I said no, this keeps happening and I want space because I don't trust that you think of us as a partnership bc he continually thinks for himself and it really hurts. He didn't respond and he didn't come to my party the next day.

The day after the party I texted him asking if he wants to work on things with me or just breakup, and all he said was that "breakup or not I want to still be friends and be there for you. Let's just go to this party and be people and figure things out later"

I said no and to get his things, because if he wanted that, why didn't he just come over the night before or talk to me? He was invited as well as his best friend (but didn't come).
I keep getting frustrated with my boyfriend. Was I wrong to get upset at him?
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