Can I get my ex boyfriend back ever?

So My ex broke up with me 4 months ago for another girl. We were really super close. Then, out of no where, he texted me two days in a row last week for no reason. what does that mean? my friends told me that him and his girlfriend have been fighting a lot. When we broke up, he told me he still loved me, but he thought we should not be so serious since we are still in high school. I am still 100% in love with him. Should I tell him that or move on? help!


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  • You should move on. You are too young to be playing these kind of games with some indecisive guy who will break up with you for stupid reasons.

    There will be other great guys out there, why be with the one who dumps you to be with another women? It is bound to happen again, believe me.


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  • I think , that people can make wrong desicions and can learn in time, that breaking up might have been just the right thing to do. Through that we learn what we really cherish. So , I advise you to keep a low but still reachable profile, until things are more clear and when he knows what he wants. if it's you, go for it.

  • idk if it were me and I was that much in love I would get him back and I have tha same problem with my ex but I still want to get him but no


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