How to react when you see your ex?

we are both on good terms but we don't speak. if we bump into each other we will chat and then go on with our business.

but she always comes to my hang out spots, i don't know if she knows that is where i hang out. she would keep walking past me, close enough to smell me. when she does do that i would chat with her and we will ask a few questions and move on being social with other people at the venue.

my problem is this. i asked her out on a date and she said no, but then she would keep around me or checking me out when i talk to other girls. she broke up with me a while ago but she knows i don't beg and i will not beg.


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  • To be honest, only 1 ex at this point in time would I say hi to and/or smile.

    The rest, I pretend don't exist.

    if you're on good terms, just treat them like a guy friend. Don't make too much time for her, but be sure to say hey once in a while.

    • i don't want to be friends. either we are something or not.

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    • yea for some reason everytime i go out and i see her, i got random girls always coming up to me and chatting.

    • Be extra flirty to the next woman. See how your ex reacts.

      If she seems mad or starts flirting with a guy, then she still likes you. But as a backup

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  • Definitily sounds like she comes to your hang out spots on purpose so she could be around.
    Maybe something about you makes her not want to date you again. So she takes her time around you to help the healing process.
    I noticed some have this thing "well, i don't really need him/her that way, but as i'm used to have them around all day, i will keep around for a while so i can gradually let go".
    Happened to me once that a girl tried to keep in touch in a pretty similat way and moved across the street. I was as polite as i could be, but never engaged in chit-chat and useless conversations. She did not like it.
    I won't get into details but it was the best thing for me. She was peobably thinking i'd stick around like a puppy dog and boost her ego while i would get mentally fucked. Weeell NO!
    She most likely enjoys to know you still need her

    • but i'm not contacting her, we only bump into each other and chat. she knows i won't beg her.

    • She also knows that you still like her since you asked her out. There are a lot of non-verbal clues that you might give away letting her know you still have feelings for her, the tone of your voice, words you say.
      In the end if you are ok with just chatting then go ahead, nobody gets hurt. If you expect something, then do not get your hopes high: she is only around to help herself get you out of her system.

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  • Lol I saw my ex last week in a bar, he came up to me and said hi. I was with a guy friend and when he saw him he quickly finished the discussion and left.

  • ignore her , you will drive her crazy if you ignore her


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  • I don't fuck with u?

    U stupid little psycho bitch , I ain't fuking with u


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