Ways to get over a relationship?

It's been a couple months and I still find myself thinking about my ex and our relationship and how everything went down. I think it's because I was happier when we were together and since we've broken up I've felt down and unhappy and just can't get myself out of this funk. I've tired distracting myself, doing things I enjoy. I don't really have a lot of friends to talk to or hang out with. I just want to move on and be happy again.

What else can I do or is this just going to take time?


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  • I've got in a similar boat for 2 months now. I came across this today and thought it was great :)


    Maybe it'll help you out as well, depending on why you guys split.
    I also journal my feelings to get them out, Cuz let's face it our friends don't want to be constantly badgered with our crap lol.
    Time heals... we just need to wait out this pain and put the focus on to ourselves for a change x


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  • well its going to take time. just as you had to learn to have this person in your life, you'll have to learn to not have them in your life as well. it will be a little harder but its just something you will do. I had to do it after I broke up with my ex, we dated for 3 years. you'll get through it, its a process, and trust me I know its difficult.


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  • Have you tried journalling? If you don't have a whole lode of friends to vent to it can really help you process and analyse your relationship


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