What are the signs a girl could still want something if we took a break?

She hasn't deleted my number, could see her on whatsapp still.

She hasn't returned my stuff.

I know its little but, are these reasons to have hope over?

We have spoken twice in the last 5 months?


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  • Whatsapp showing doesn't mean they have your number... It just means you have theirs.

    • That depends on their privacy, she is on my contacts only.

      It is.

  • Who broke up with who, and in those 5 months who initiated contact with who?

    • Mutual.

      she's very shy person in general. She prank called me once. Then I messaged her twice. Over several months.

    • Ok, and how long were you guys together?

    • 4 months

  • Twice in 5 months? She doesn't want you back

    • May I add she is VERY shy.

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    • How long were you together for? And you've been on a break for last 5 months?

    • 4 months

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