Boyfriend just doesn't feel like I can't really commit to me right now like you deserve. What the hell does that mean?

I finally found the real reason he broke up with not his daughter not his busy schedules which were all excuses he was giving me. He said No it's nothing i did he just feels more comfortable alone I guess he doesn't know. He said it was because he doesn't trust people. Because he gets jealous because he is busy. He has cheated on me multiple times cause he was jealous and thought I was interested in other guys. He begged for me back and said he fucked up and made the worst mistake of his life. I am sure someone commented on my Facebook got jealous and tried to cheat on me then gave me the silent treatment cause he was mad. It coincides with the timing of him going silent and his ex claiming he was trying to get her to sleep with him. I have been told he is a narcissist. And we have had the same issue over and over again. He begs for me back after treating me like crap cause his jealousy got the best of him. Then when he finally convinces me he has changed and is terribly sorry he does the same crap. Every time I get the prices picked up he comes trying to win me back and turns my life upside down. I get 1 to 3 good weeks for 1 to 3 months of hell. What gives? How can I get over this man for good and move on with mr life?


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  • If you want to get over him, block him everywhere, social media, phone, and everywhere in between. Sounds like he may not be in love with you, or the most likely cause, he's interested in someone else or he feels like there is no future with you. He may be conflicted himself, knows you're a good woman but can't understand why he can't love you...

    • He is a narcissist so who knows. Truth is not his strong point. I generally get over him and then he comes running back.

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    • And he has already had more chances than I can count probably about 6 to 8 already.

    • Ok, well if you feel like he's had too many chances then that says it all... you gotta let go. Block him from everything and disappear, without a word, no explantion... stay gone for a while. If he's going to make any changes this is what needs to happen because he needs a chance to feel like he's gonna lose you forever. Even if he begs do not indulge

  • That's called an emotionally abusive and toxic relationship and you're getting conned each time. Don't believe a word he says and don't give him more and more opportunities to hurt you. People like that do not change.


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