What's your favorite break up song?

My all time favorite break up song is this one:

Some lyrics from the song:

"You'll never know a good thing"

"I wish your mother loved you like I could of that way you would of known how to love a woman,"

"I will find my way, as for you I don't know what to say"

"Mister conditional lover, I wish your father would have stayed, I wish you would of never promised things that would not come true"

What's yours?


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  • I don't... I don't tend to focus on those kind of songs... I didn't know people did

    • It's a question, no harm done :) people focus on the littlest of things so why not this?

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  • I don;t Fuck with you - Big Sean

    "I mean for real,
    fuck how you feel
    fuck your 2 cents if it ain't going towards the bill"


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  • Yuna ft. Jhen√© Aiko - Used To Love You


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