Why would you message someone you've ghosted years ago?

I used to date this guy (on and off for 3 years) and one day he just ghosted me. He basically just ignored all my texts and calls until i finally gave up after two weeks.

We've both moved on with our lives (he migrated to the US and I graduated from college).

Two years later, he found out I was on vacation in the US and started flooding my inbox with messages.

What would suddenly possess someone to reach out to someone they've ghosted in the past?

I replied and (politely) asked what he wanted. I was kind of hoping to get an apology or at least admission that what he did was wrong. All I got was a messaged me for no particular reason, just to "check in"


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  • Surely that's a better question to put to him? Unless he addresses it (satisfactorily), you won't be able to move the relationship forward: Hence, that dirty word, *communication* :)


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  • I ghosted a dude awhile ago. Fuck, maybe even a year ago?

    Got scared, he told me way too much about his life way too soon. So I blocked his number.

    Recently unblocked it and his profile on fb keeps popping up in my suggestions for people I should add.

    Has been tempting me to text him to reconnect but I'm sure he wants nothing to do with me since I was a cunt.


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  • Maybe he was deseperate or he was sorry for what he did

  • Lots of balls makes a guy reach out after ghosting!! Haha.
    Unless he's messaging to apologize for being a complete ass than who cares what he wants. Maybe he has grown up but if he knows your just "in the area visiting" I would think he's testing the waters with you.
    Balls in your court to decide if what he did to you would be worth it.

  • Maybe he's grown up since then and wants to make some amends