Who is the best James Bond, 007?

As above. This has got to be one of the most discussed questions around, and having just watched Casino Royale / Quantum of Solace back to back, I was wondering what other people thought.

For myself personally. I think Bond will always be Connery for me, but Daniel Craig is a close second. I love the 'real character' he's playing with it. (Dalton third, for much the same reason).

PS. Apologies to Lazenby fans, you can only have 5 poll answers.

  • Sean Connery
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  • Roger Moore
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  • Timothy Dalton
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  • Pierce Brosnan
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  • Daniel Craig
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Looking at the votes, I'm really impressed. There's a wide selection spread (more or less). I'm sort of glad we didn't have 9million votes for 1.


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  • Connery is and always has be the definition of Bond for me. Roger Moore didn't much impress me at all because I feel he overdid the "suave" thing in comparison to Connery and others who were just a tad more subtle about it, making his Bond much more one-dimensional. Daniel Craig is definitely a close second. I like the fact that his Bond is human and is not infallible. Dalton I have mixed feelings about because he got shafted when it cames to scripts. His Bond movies weren't exactly the best of the bunch, and he wasn't given enough chances to prove whether or not he COULD really make a good Bond. Brosnan was good as well, but his Bond suffered from the same one-dimensional characteristics as the Roger Moore Bond, though not nearly as severe about it.


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What Girls Said 2

  • now I voted on my mother's behalf.

    she [ and my brother ] are HUGE 007 fans.

    my mother had a tie between Connery and Moore

    but I made her pick so she said Moore.

    now although I'm not a huge fan myself

    i disagree with the newer 007s...

    its not really the same as the originals I guess

  • Peirce Brosnan was in my opinion the best


What Guys Said 15

  • Either Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan, Danial Craig is good, but instead of being suave and basically a pimp, he is just a hard ass, that whips the crap out of everyone, he is still good, but there just isn't enough womanizing in the new Bonds, look at every other Bond he has sex with at least 2 different women through out the movie, especially when Brosnan played Bond.

  • To me Bond is always different from other action movies because he isn't some macho tough guy that goes around kicking everyones ass with martial arts and a built physique. He's suave, sophisticated and uses gadgets and cunning more than brute force. So Brosnan is and always will be the best Bond as far as I'm concerned.

  • Having watched every Bond movie, I have to say I enjoyed the ones with Daniel Craig as Bond the most, I like his Bond more than the others. Pierce Brosnan is a close second, GoldenEye is one of my favorites too.

  • I would have to say Sean Connery as my all time favorite, but I would have to say if you wanted to portray him as I think a real special agent would be Daniel Craig would be closer to that Character. As for Timothy Dalton I would think He would be second to last in my book in front that one guy nobody knows the name of.

  • Dalton is a personal favorite, as he portrayed Bond when I was just a kid. He did well portraying a darker, edgier, more dangerous Bond in Licence to Kill, hence, making him my favorite. Brosnan, is a close second.

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