Is my exgf stalking me?

in a way i feel flattered!

i been noticing her coming to my hangout spot with her gfs every weekend. i don't know whether she knows this is where i hang out but i think she has some clues.

i love her but she broke up with me. i went cold turkey and removed every type of contact from her. she got mad at me for doing that but i was not ignoring her. i just didn't want to be needy and say or do things that would make me into a creepy stalker.

i happy with or without her. yet, everytime i see her at the hangout spot she would keep walking around me , so close to smell me. i stop her and chat with her , we smile and hug and go on. and for some odd reason i get hot on by lots of women at this hangout spot. i don't talk to them in front of her to get her jealous but i talk to them becuase i want to meet new women.

well my ex girlfriend would talk to me when i bump into her but i feel like she is playing hard to get. i think she realizes that i won't beg her but that i love her.

what should i do, i want her back but want her to show effort too.
Is my exgf stalking me?
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