Is my exgf stalking me?

in a way i feel flattered!

i been noticing her coming to my hangout spot with her gfs every weekend. i don't know whether she knows this is where i hang out but i think she has some clues.

i love her but she broke up with me. i went cold turkey and removed every type of contact from her. she got mad at me for doing that but i was not ignoring her. i just didn't want to be needy and say or do things that would make me into a creepy stalker.

i happy with or without her. yet, everytime i see her at the hangout spot she would keep walking around me , so close to smell me. i stop her and chat with her , we smile and hug and go on. and for some odd reason i get hot on by lots of women at this hangout spot. i don't talk to them in front of her to get her jealous but i talk to them becuase i want to meet new women.

well my ex girlfriend would talk to me when i bump into her but i feel like she is playing hard to get. i think she realizes that i won't beg her but that i love her.

what should i do, i want her back but want her to show effort too.


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  • Okay, truthfully, it's a stupid game to play. (MY opinion, not to offend anyone).

    You miss one another and obviously want one another. So, be adults (from your age, you are) and talk it out.

    • i did try to talk it with her but she is acting aloof when i see her but then her gfs and her are staring me down when i talk to another girl. i told her i love her and want to be with her. it is like she wants me to cut my balls off and put them on a plate, which i will not do

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    • You and I are just friends. lmaoo

    • Good bye :D

  • She still wants you, I think she just wants you to beg or wants to make you jealous... if I didn't want my ex I would avoid running into him as much as possible...

    • yea she brought a guy once to my hangout spot and was kissing him in front of me. i thought it was cute, even though i was jealous.

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    • Disappear for a little5 while, in and out... she'll get curious if she's still interested. I know, shouldn't play games but if she still wants you this is how you get it out of her...

    • i agree

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