Going to see an ex-hookup and his new girlfriend @ a party, how do I behave around them?

I have an upcoming party I am attending next week. I know a young man I hooked up with (multiple times) a couple months ago will be there. Thing is, he will have his new girlfriend (who he was hooking up with at the same time we were hooking up and just decided to date her instead). I haven't seen him since the last time we hooked up except in passing from afar via. driving or something like that. I'm not sure how to act around him. The other day he blocked me on Pinterest. How bad do you have to hate someone to block them on Pinterest? So, I know he doesn't know I'm going to this party so it'll be a surprise... by the way, it's a pretty small party of about 60 people at the most. I've read online on how to act around old hookups and they say to be the bigger one and walk up and just say a quick "hello" to be polite and not ignore them... everything within me wants to ignore him completely, but I know it'll be obvious and perhaps rude. Help!


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  • ignore him. quick hello or not.. won't change anything. live your life and be happy and ignore what's bothering you.
    do what makes you happy... not what make others happy.
    Good luck...


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  • make sure when you go to party you look damn good ignore him like he never existed unless he speaks to you say nothing act like he's a total stranger

    • Yes girl, there's a part of me that feels insecure because I don't have a date and he does... but I think i gotta act like everything is okay

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    • Yeah, I guess i feel insecure and uncomfortable because she's so sweet I hear and has no clue what happened... there's more girls involved too. Seems like I'm the only one who put the puzzle together. It's hard not to want to just rat him out to her but I know that isn't going to help anything and that I should just move on. Just a lot of pent up feelings I suppose. And it will make me feel pretty insecure to see him all over someone else when he was all over me :(

    • okay first off you need to quit comparing yourself to The Other Woman you're a good woman he's just a dog to do not rat him out because you will seem like the crazy ex if you feel you cannot hold it together at this party then don't go unless you have to if you have to go make your face seen and go remember he does not give a damn about you he pick someone else over multiple women he's nothing

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