My boyfriend for 3yrs broke up with me cuz his family doesn't like me. We really love each other, We are both in pain. help me please?

Hi, my boyfriend for almost 3 years broke up with me last week because his dad found out about us. His family doesn't like me because I just came from middle class and he came from a wealthy clan. We tried our best to hide it. I've waited for 2yrs (LDR) and now that he's back they've found out about us. And he was forced to let me go or else they will send him back to the US and won't pay for his college anymore. He's 26 and I'm 27. We really love each other and we don't know what to do anymore.. it's really hard for us because we've planned for our future already yet he can't fight for his love for me. He told our mutual friends that he still wants me to be his friend and still hopes that we can be together as soon as he graduates. But having no commitment is really hard, I hate this overthinking.. waiting for another 2 years and this time we're not a couple really hurts. He might fall inlove with someone else. :( next month will be our last meet up and I don't know if we're gonna put things to end or try to make it work (but we ran out of ideas). One more time that he'll get caught he'll be sent back to the states. Please help.. I really love him and we've been such a good bestfriends /couple. I mean mental connection is rare. We can even tell each other's thought or what we are thinking. It's so sad knowing that even if the couple really love each other but can't be together because of family disapproval.


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  • If the two of you are as close as you believe, then you both can plan for and survive a two year wait as a LDR.

    • Thank you :) his dad was really persistent about having my ex's hands tied and giving him an ultimatum with a lose-lose situation. It's like, he's having an eagle eye. He does everything he could just to keep him away from me. And pains me to see my ex being stressed out to everything. I'm the only one who understands him and was there for him through thick and thin. I'm kinda worried about him because now that I'm no longer with him, he'll have a hard time dealing with stress and problems. He's a Pro when it comes to hiding his feelings and problems. I'm the only one who can tell and whom he trusts when he has problems. Losing your bf/bestfriend at the same time really hurts knowing that he really loves me but couldn't find a way to keep me :(

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  • This is sad. I totally understand you, I would say just because his family doesn't like you doesn't mean you two have to break up. I mean it's between you two and what you feel for each other it shouldn't be about the wealth plus they aren't dating you, but if he has to finish school and if it's meant to be it will be. Maybe it's a good thing but I get what you're going through try to communicate and figure out if he what is best for you two instead of listening to what his family wants to listen to what he wants and what will make him happy. Money isn't everything it comes and goes and more you make the more you stress. Being with someone you love is priceless

    • Thank you.. I really appreciate it. Now he's trying to numb the pain by ignoring me but our mutual friend has told me that he was just trying his best because he wants to finish his studies (that's what I really want to). I'm done with my studies already and going to take up my second course. Next month will going to be our last meet up. His dad was really vigilant to every move he makes. I didn't love the fact that he came from a very wealthy clan, in fact it's really hard for me to live that kind of life because my parents have raised me with contentment and working hard for the things that I want. It's just that we can't do anything about it even if we really love each other. His dad kept on threatening his future and he's really afraid of him.

      I really hate money.. :( why would that be the basis when it comes to lovelife? :( we're not friends on fb. He blocked me last week.. but last night he unblocked me I wonder why.

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    • Yes hahaha I'm Elaine from the Philippines 😊😊😊 if you have LINE app you can add me erein89 I would love to have you as my friend haha. You know what kind of girl he did go for hahaha a gold digger and a bitchy one that has an attitude. My friend told me that she's not even pretty and she's just tall and that's it. Plus she acts as if she's perfect lol. And he's laughing at my ex because he didn't upgrade..

    • My cousins name is Elaine haha that's cool!! Well yea would be nice to have you as a friend but I only have a facebook lol and WOW!! that's funny well hope it goes well for him. Some guys seriously mine said he didn't like that I was ahead -_- like really? I know I have a mon-fri job and off weekends but doesn't mean I am better than him. I have grown and worked myself up but he has some growing up to do that's what I get for dating a younger guy haha anyways if you have a facebook let me know I'll add you :)

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