Ex is always looking at me?

she broke up with me. and she keeps showing up at certain places i hang out at. i don't know if she knows if this is where i hang out, but ever since we broken up i bumped into her over 5+ times.

she either sees me with a girl and is checking me out. or she will bring a guy there. i know she is trying to get me jealous. i'm not trying to get her jealous, i just need to meet other women to keep her off my mind, so i won't do anythign stupid like texting her and pleading for her back.

my ex and her gfs would be walking around me and sometimes right behind me where i can smell them! when she walks next to me, i will talk to her, because it would be stupid to just completely ignore her when she is in front of my face. we don't hate each other but we are not in good terms either.

she would even break away from her group of gfs and be by herself on the other side of the hangout spot. i would walk up to her and flirt. but she will keep bringing up things in the past. i told her lets meet up later that week and she says she doesn't want to.

is she playing hard to get'/
Ex is always looking at me?
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