Back on speaking terms with ex but now gone downhill again what do I do? :( Pep talk?

So me and my ex broke up a few months ago he was my first love I was heartbroken because it was over him not making time for me hardly seeing me and treating me as a priority and cancelling plans constantly.

Stupidly gave in and texted him after no contact got along well we're texting for a few weeks then again stupidly slept with him after seeing him on a night out, continued to text although some days I don't hear from him at all. Recently saw he liked a big bunch of his ex's Instagram pictures (selfies) which made my heart sink because he must be talking to her/ interested in her surely? He's definitely got the gift of the gab texting me lots of nice things about myself to keep me interested but no actions. So frustrating I wish I could stop being so adoring of him in my mind when he's messed me around.

Feeling pretty low and stupid because he obviously doesn't want me back, question is do I just not reply to him or do I give some sort of explanation? Help please :(


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  • stressing over your ex liking ex's

    move the fuck on.


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  • oh man, that's rough. if you need closure in the form of a short explanation to him, then sure, send him a quick text. the explanation would be not to benefit him, but to help you with moving on and feeling better about yourself. right now it sounds like he's keeping his options open, and if you don't want to be another option, cut your losses now. hope you feel better.. know how you feel.

    • Thank you just saying you understand helps a lot! I agree he definitely is, I'll see how it goes because even if I give an explanation I can't really give a full one and he's very good with words so he'll try and worm his way back in and make me feel bad. At the minute I'm thinking either ignore his texts or be very blunt, again thank you.

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