If I stop speaking to her, will she forget me? Should I tell her I want to stop or just drop off the map?

So I really like (love maybe) this girl I've been best friends with for years. She had told me n the past she had feelings for me. Sometimes it feels like she still does in the things she says and does, but she has been quoted as saying that 'disappointed' and 'frustrated' her on too many occasions, and that I take more than i do in our relationship. About two weeks ago I told her I wanted her, she politely rejected with 'we've been friends too long', but I've discovered its not easy being just friends now. So im wondering, should I just drop out of her life? Should I tell her that what we have needs to end? She has tried telling me herself in the past 'things have run its course and we should stop talking' but she has always come back to speak to me, always tried to fix things, but I dont know if I can say the same to her and come back knowing things will go back to normal. Part of me is scared she will accept it without a care, and move on without thinking about me. I really feel this is the best thing for myself but part of me is also hoping maybe she'll come to a realization herself? Anyone experience in this?


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  • The fear of the unknown (whether she comes back) is extremely normal. In your case you need to focus on yourself at this time and do what is best for you. If going no contact to get over your feelings and giving yourself the chance to move on and be happy is what you want to do, then you should do that. And I agree with it!! I am in a similar boat right now, doing what is best for me but also struggling with never hearing from him. In the end the silence of them not reaching out is a good sign you're doing the right thing. We are responsible for our own feelings, and our own happiness. Best of luck to you! Follow your instincts and you'll know your doing the right thing:)

    • How do you do it when they keep contacting you tho? Do you just ignore them or say "look we need to stop talking"?

    • No contact is blocking and deleting them so they can't contact you. That way you don't have the temptation to respond. It's a last resort type of thing but it's a decision you make solely on yourself and what is important to you - which is your happiness. Most start it and do 20-30 days at first, as it's not easy. Look it up for more info.
      If you would prefer not to do that than you could always tell her you need some space to focus on yourself and to leave you alone for a while. Interaction will probably set you back from moving forward and getting over her. It really depends where your head is at :)

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