My ex does not make sense?

she broke up with me , so i walked away and never looked back. i was hurt but i didn't want to beg or plead to get her back.

and then months later we bump into each other. she sees me with another girl. i didn't kiss or hug the girl in anyway to get her jealous.

a week later, i see her with a group of people. she acts like she didn't see me and from the corner of her eye she looks back at me. she starts hugging and kissing the guy. i was jealous. we get into a little argument about it, nothing drastic. she tells me he was just a friend.

she always comes to my hang out spots looking at me. we talk and hug and chat. but i asked her out on a date and she said no. so i start getting hit on by numerous women and she will keep checking me out and would keep walking pass me , i mean shoulder to shoulder pass me to the point where she is inches away.

if she doens't want to be with me, then why is she doing this?
My ex does not make sense?
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