What dose he really want from me?

To cut the long story short. I've not spoken to my boyfriend over a week now. Or should I call him my ex as he did finish the relationship then but he dose that at times when he's got his own problems.
so I called him today to find out what's going on. He's reply I'm happy without you. No stress as I don't need to message you every day (strange) ok so he carried on saying he will think about things and let me know in a few weeks.
I told him that I shall do the same. (He sounded mad to here that) and said do what ever I'm not even going to think about it...

ok so now I'm confused. Com
is this what he wants or dose he not want to end thing and needs space like he said at the start of our conversation.
advice please from all you wonderful people who can think outside the box as I'm about messed up at the min


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  • It's over he's too much a pussy to just say so

    • The sentence he said to me was don't contact me I will contact you. If you do contact me then it's over between you and me. What the hell

    • Blow it off and move on. Why does he get to say how it is?

What Girls Said 1

  • His reply was "I'm happy without you"? Wow!!:(
    I would say he's letting you down easy in a passive way without actually coming out and saying it's over. What's a couple of weeks gonna do for him? He's just prolonging things and hoping you get bored of waiting and just leave yourself.
    I would seriously spend these next few weeks not contacting him. If he's not bothered and not initiating contact with you then it's a clear sign he doesn't care. Make him wonder what your doing and why you're not contacting him anymore, and go about life and be happy. Mind games are bullshit.

    • Do you think he's playing mind games with me?

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    • I have some of his personal things for safe keeping which he gave me. He's not even asked for them back when I spoke to him. We were planning to get married in a few months time which was going to be nothing to big as we wanted to buy a house together.

    • It's disappointing when people play these kind of mind games and/or leave without actually saying so! It's immature and frustrating for the person on the receiving end. I have been there, I know how you feel. This shows a lot about hos character.
      As hard as it is, you wanna just leave this be and walk away with your self respect and dignity and not bother if he is gonna act this way.

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