Baby daddy troubles :/?

i will try to give all the relevant details, but make this short: my ex and i broke up almost 4 years ago we have 2 kids, 5 year old and 3 year old (i was prego when we ended for those wondering) he got with another girl a month after we broke up who he is currently with. after we broke up i ignored him for almost a year and then we started talking... and hooking up again.. to this day i go over his house with the kids for their visits every week, there have been times when i haven't gone cuz i had a boyfriend for a while and sometimes i have school and i can't. i think part of me does it because i feel like we might be able to get our family back. so i try to be there for him, and i love my kids to death. however lately i start to feel like he is just using me because we usually hook up as well. i am unsure if he sees the same potential of us getting our family back together or if he just wants to fu** around cuz its easy and convenient for him. a little background is that yes he is a cheater, obviously. i don't doubt that he cheated on me too when we were together. i know you are probably thinking I'm dumb for even wanting him... but i want to see him change for the better. however 4 years after we have broken up and not much has changed. his girlfriend hasn't met our kids yet, either. so some of these signs makes me feel like he might not be completely sure about being w her. i am just looking for good advice/opinions. people who have been through this type of thing, etc.


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  • I can suggest things but does he care for the children enough? I can ever trust someone who cheated on me, they are pathetic bunch of losers. But since you started hooking up while he has his girlfriend things are not looking good for any of you two.

  • Let him go. You cannot change him.


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