Did she try to make me jealous?

She broke up with me and I went no contact. I disappeared and didn't look back.

She he saw me with another girl months later but I didn't try to get her jealous. Said hi to her and left the place.

a week later I see her at a bar and she is with a group of friends. I know she saw me , so she starts hugging the guy and being so flirty with him. I mean it was sooooooooo obvious. She looks backed once to see if I was looking. I didn't react like a needy guy, said hi to her and left the place with friends.

Next week, I told her it wasn't cool and didn't want us to end up getting each other jealous. She calls me saying on the phone that the guy was only a friend and didn't know what I was talking about.

now I'm bumping into her often. I don't know if she knows I hang out at this spot but she keeps walking circles around me like 2 inches away from me. I asked her on a date and she said no and gave me a hug and left.

Whats her deal. She broke up with me.


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  • Yeah she is probably trying to make you jealous. She probably partially misses you but is also mad at you for whatever reason she broke up with you and wants you to feel bad. Just ignore her.


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  • Keep your mind straight and move on bro. Be brave and stick to the new girl. The past is the past there isn't much to change it.


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