We still keep in touch?

It's been over a year.. I'm not over him - He still keeps in touch with me.. Just on yahoo messenger though since I deleted my Myspace & deleted him off my Facebook.. (I did delete him off my Yahoo but ended up adding him back again.. -.-")

He tells me he found that special girl but he can't be with her "yet". (He said he was talking about me).. Also, he added saying 'you're just too perfect for me.. I couldn't handle it' - That was his main reason to break up with me.. =/ He mentioned to me that maybe when I fall out of love with him, he may fall out of love with me.. But I doubt I would fall out... I'm very confuse.. Why can't we just be together when it's obvious that we both still love each other.


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  • has he ever mentioned getting back together?...

    • No, not that I know of.

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