Friend embarrassed and humiliated me to me ex boyfriend?

One of my friends humiliated and embarrassed me so much, my ex contacted her via mesg cause I kept calling me constant I was delirious I just wanted to see and speak to him! I have found this so difficult I can't even explain! I seen him two weeks ago and it has been a while since the breakup but we have spoke and seen each other! I have found this so hard I have been so stressed! I haven't went to this friend that much even though I thought she was my best friend I was there for her through her breakup we have been through all through uni together I was there when she was so down at one point! But through this it seemed like she didn't want to know she was here for the fist month or two but after she stopped asking me how I am what's going on she didn't want to know what I have been up up not even through my work etc etc... So I stopped contacting her I NEVER went to her at all!!! We only exchanges a few mesgs but nothing big! He contacted her she didn't reply he contacted her again and before I could say don't reply the damage was done! She swore at him told him I haven't seen her in months that she doesn't care.. That she's the wrong person he is going too she swore and offended him that he needs to grow up that we both do! I was mortified when I see him actually shocked! I was so down I couldn't believe she made me look so bad the only reason why he went to her cause I spoke so highly of her we were so close when i first got with him! I don't know why she's acting like this I haven't even bugged her or asked her for help through this I told her not to reply but she didn't listen! I am so down he shamed me so badly after that offended me and the people I hang about with! I am so hurt and down.. I told him I won't contact him again but I'm so down he thinks soooo low off me!!! What do I do ::(


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  • No way you're 23

    • What do you mean.. I know I have found this so hard it was my first relationship I knew him for a very long time as well just struggled to bring myself to not having him in my life. Honestly shocked my friend is older than me also, just shocked by everything and upset

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    • But I never went to her, I just explained that I never went to her about any off this! I haven't seen her in sooooo long and we haven't spoke about this at al! She went through a break up and a bad time at uni where she was nearly gonna et kicked out and I was always there for her! She used to call me soo early in the morning at night when she couldn't sleep, we have both been there for each other , but I never went to her for this at all! and I told her not to reply to him! He wasn't harassing her all she had to do was just block him and not reply..

    • You never ever said stuff like "oh I'm sooo depressed, why did he leave" and stuff like that?
      Because it's normal for friends to once in a while, just not go on about it for months.
      If that's really true, just understand there are fairweather friends. They'll never support you in anything snd you won't see them for dust when something bad happens to you... but when something bad happens to them, the whole world has to stop spinning and pay attention and help her out. She could be one of those.

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