Do I have a chance with my ex girlfriend considering the circumstances?


She went to visit a friend in another city, and asked if she could turn on Tinder to make "friends" as she was bored. She turned it on and talked to guys and told me about them but ended up having breakfast with one of them. She came to my house and was overflowing with love, saying she missed me so much and that I am better than the guys on Tinder. Over the next week, I noticed she was getting texts from the guy she met, so we fought and agreed to take a break. I took her out for dinner in a week to try and work things over, she asked if I had a Tinder profile, so I was honest and admitted to creating one but not a using it. Skip a few months, and we are trying to remain friends and possibly rekindle things. I asked another girl out because I knew my ex was going out and talking to guys. So one of my buddies stole my phone and snapped her "as me". After that she stopped talking to me and I didn't know why. I came to find out that he was bragging about it "as me". I apologized for everything, and a little over 2 weeks ago, she wanted to grab lunch so she could "start to stop hating me" but I was out of town and I asked if we could do it another time. She said no because she honestly didn't think we could be friends as she is much happier now. A little bit confused, I asked, so if I had actually been home and gotten lunch with you, things may have started getting better but because I wasn't, now you think we can never speak again? She didn't get upset, but said she couldn't believe the things I did and couldn't get over me asking another girl out from our class. I responded, "Well if you want to grab lunch sometime when you are ready, let me know, because I truly am sorry for everything I did and I don't want you keep hating me, because not only were you my girlfriend but also my best friend. So when your are ready and want to grab lunch, just let me know and I'll be there". She responded "Okay. I'm Sorry." and that was the last thing I heard from her, now 15 days ago.
Do I have a chance with my ex girlfriend considering the circumstances?
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