How to deal with heartbreak?

Got my heart broken for the first time ever. Cared way too much for this girl and in the end I wasn't good enough for her. All the while she was seeing another guy simultaneously. It really sucks. I've never been very emotional in my life, couldn't even remember the last time I had a good cry since being a kid. Now for the past week it has been like water works.

I don't know how to deal with this emotion as I've never experienced this before.
What do I do to get over this heartbreak?


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  • process those feelings

    dont repress or stop them... itll get worse
    let them take their course... cry when you need to, punch something when you need to... etc
    let yoursefl process w/e you are feeling and itll pass eventually
    and TAKE YOUR TIME with it

    trust me the better you deal with it the better it gets afterwards


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  • Just what you should do is change your number, go out and enjoy single life and do whatever you want and just don't think of her.

    Don't worry about she wasn't even loyal to you she might not be loyal to the guy she's seeing and she's a player.

    So go out and enjoy your single life :)

  • I feel your pain. My boyfriend of 5 years just told me he doesn't love me anymore when buying our first house. Feel so lost. We just have to take each day as it comes X

  • The only way to deal w heartbreak it to understand that there is light at the end of that dark tunnel (the heartbreak). Almost a year ago I broke up w/the 1st guy who I truly loved and who I thought loved me as well. As the relationship progressed, I noticed a change in attitude and after a little of pressing, I discovered he never wanted me in the way that I needed. It took me months to feel even close to whole again, but it did happen and I did meet someone new. Understand you will get over it (if you want to), that's just going to take time.


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