I was seeing a guy for 7 months and then did something bad which broke my heart in pieces. He landed himself 10 years in jail. Should I leave him?

I did not see myself with anyone else but him. And I haven't seen him since I got back from my holiday. I'm too scared too go see him as his 2 and half hours away from me Should I go see him and say goodbye or should I not go see him and move on. Please help my heart is broken and cry myself to sleep.


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  • Leave him and don't ever, ever date bad boys. You're lucky he didn't knock you up
    and leave you a single mother. Wait 10 years for him? Don't be a fool.


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  • I know I couldn't go on with the relationship.

    • Should I go see him and say goodbye for the last time or just don't see him and move on.

    • I wouldn't just go on with your life.

    • Thank you very much

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  • Leave him please

    • How can I move on from him :(
      It's just been so hard to forget him.

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    • There will be other guys who will treat you better dont worry :)

    • 😊😊😊

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