He doesn't reply to any of my snap chats?

I met up with my ex last week and we got along really well. He isn't in the right mind set to be with me right now but he said he had so much fun and i was sure we would at least be friends and maybe he'd start talking to me again.

Afterwards he messaged for about a day and then backed off again. When he did this is net a message saying "I know that you don't want to talk right now so you don't have to reply. But I really am here for you if you need a friend. Have fun at uni and don't be a stranger x" he said "Thanks ____ x". He never puts x's.

ANYWAY now he keeps snapchatting me. Mostly general snap chats but some are general but mean something to us. So I reply to probably every 1 in 2 or 1 in 3. He doesn't reply. To any! It's so confusing!
He doesn't reply to any of my snap chats?
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