My boyfriend left me because he said he was tired of fighting and me nagging all the time?

He said he just needs a break from this relationship, but he doesn't want to be with anyone else in the mean time while we take our break he said we both can't date anyone. He said he has a lot of going on and he said he just needs a break but still wants me around. Yesterday he wanted me to spend all day with him, obviously we had sex. Don't judge


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What Guys Said 2

  • "Yesterday he wanted me to spend all day with him, obviously we had sex."

    LOL. That was probably a mistake. I don't really believe in taking breaks. Most of the time it doesn't solve anything. In a relationship you have to face your problems head on, compromise and work things out in an adult manner.

    My wife favorite quote from Marilyn Monroe comes to mind.

  • I don't mean to rude, honestly, but what is your question?


What Girls Said 1

  • So you're taking a break but having sex at the same time? Lmao.

    • I don't understand guys whatsoever and they say girls are difficult lol

    • You shouldn't give in like that. If he wants a break then it should be a full on break. Not a break till I'm horny and wanna use you for sex.

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