How can I move on from this hurt?

My husband left me four months ago. He is blaming me for everything. We had problems and argued every couple of months. He left each time for 3-4 days and came back apologizing. He stopped showing me love and care and concentrated his work all the time. When he left this time, I told his father and he got more angry. His family never called me back and my husband renting a room close to his work place. He told me he does`t love me anymore and I am the one who is at fault. We both made mistakes but he refused counselling or even discussing things face to face. He has not called me since he left but visited my ex boss and his wife couple of times to cut their hair. He never asked me even when he heard that I had issues with my own family and I have fallen off the stairs once. He is so angry and bitter towards me. He asked me to move on but I couldn`t as I love him so much even though he hurt me. I did not call him since he left. He told others he needs couple of months to clear his head so I hoped he would come back. I texted him to tell him that I have his letters as he is still using my address. He was nice , offered to send me money as I am going on holiday and said he would come and cut my grass when I am away if I leave the keys. But he still said he has no feelings for me. I heard that he has changed so much, he is not himself, drinking everyday. So I asked if we can have a coffee to discuss things so we can at least have clousere. He refused and said there is no chance for us as he doesn't believe we would make each other happy. He told me he did not miss me and he does not love me. He said he doesn`t want responsibility. He also said he did not go near any women as he hates women. Our main issue was him not taking me out and not showing any affection but he goes out all the time now. He said he is single now and I should leave him alone. It is hard to believe that his love can finish after 5 years together in total. I will move on but it is so hard, I miss him.


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  • Most men, once we're done with a relationship we are DONE. We'll try to make it work, fix things, whatever, but it reaches a point where finally we're like "Nope. Fuck this shit, I'm out". Which is part of why divorce is so fuckin hard. It gets dragged out as long as the courts and the lawyers can make a buck, and every second is hell.

    You should just leave him alone. I don't know what led up to this, but he's done.

  • It happens. Sorry


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