How do I break up with my girlfriend I have no idea?

Neither of us can drive. Plus we just had a fight yesterday so she won't want to see me. We've broken up before and it was on facetime, so she'll know something is up. She definitely won't take my calls either.

Whenever we have a fight or argument she always makes us have them by text, never in person or on the phone or anything. Always text. So I really don't know what to do. I really don't want to be that guy that does this by text but do I have any choice? What do I say if I have to?


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  • tell her by a text that you must see her for a big thing , then when you meet her tell her that you are done

    if she refused meeting you then text her it is over

    • She'll know, if I say I need to see you she'll say, are you breaking up with me?

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    • mmm you mean you love her and wanna fix it but she doesn't?
      well just text her what is in your mind in details

    • we both wanted to fix it. But it's been months and it's still continuing. Thank you for the opinion. :)

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