VOTE: what is the reason my ex unblocked me on Facebook?

ex cheated on me, lied about it for a month, dumped me, strung me along for months saying we would get back together, admitted to using me for sex and cheating on his new girlfriend with me, then texted me saying "get out of my life. I love her and not you. get over me. im blocking you". three months later, I notice he unblocked me. why did he do this?
  • things with the other girl didn't work out so he's back to see if he can use you again
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  • he still thinks about you and was curious as to what you were up to
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  • he is opening the door for communication again
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  • he got over it and thought it was dumb to have you blocked
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  • other
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  • It doesn't mean anything, please do t think about it. You have better things to do with your time sista! I promise you.


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