What are the chances of my ex boyfriend wanting to try again?

My Boyfriend and I are both 17. We study in the same school and we're deskmates. We both get good grades so we're like eachother's tutor. We were dating for 4 months before he broke up with me last night. He still loves me but said we're not ready, at least not now. I respected his decision even though I cried a lot and begged him to stay. Today before class, we had a talk and he cried. The good thing is we're so close that we still tease eachother, laugh together and talk as much as when we were together, even on text. Other than me, he doesn't talk or hang out with anyone else. He said he'll always love me and I told him I'll wait for him. Even if it'll take months. What are the chances of him wanting to try again?


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  • Wait a little time, then talk to him and see what happens,
    if he doesn't want to be with you there's nothing you can do under this circumstances.

  • "He still loves me but said we're not ready, at least not now."
    When people break up they tend to pull things out of their ass to say. One or both of you can't handle each other for whatever reason. Now it could be you put each other off that much or annoy each other that much, or it could be that relationships these days tend to crumble at the first argument and no one ever believes in working through things and expects everything to be easy 24/7. Either way it's clear it didn't work and unless you want to prove the theory of insanity move on with your life.

    • Love is for these people who are able to hold on pain.
      It's not easier it's not free, but you have to fight for it, otherwise
      It'll be a simple relationship with sex? which doesn't fullfil the memories from the person you used to take care in the past.

What Girls Said 1

  • my advice is... move on

    • Then this is the wrong advice.

    • @DarkManX he ain't ready and... seeing each other very often is gonna hurt even more

    • Well talking is a way of solving the problems, by saying the true and accepting it,
      In order the problem to be solved a communication is neseccary.
      She can reject him for a little time to get distracted a little bit, but once she feels ready,
      she can invite him for a talk, meanwhile she could change her mind.
      But to just move on, I'm completely over this decision.

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