Why does this bother me?

i broke up with my ex girlfriend and I am pretty much over her but when she tells me about people asking her out I wanna go crazy and today she told me she is going to spend the night at her friends house and her friends cousin is there and he likes her and I wanna go completely crazy right now and I don't know why could someone help me please


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  • Ok, I don't think you are over yet! maybe she is just telling you that just to make you jealous girls do that all the time just so you can go beg her. I think she wants you back and that's why she is doing that ! Now do you call her or does she call you?

    • She calls me all the time and texts me all the time first but when I broke up with her I was heart broken and actually did beg her to come back but she kept saying no so then I decided that I need to stop and just move on but then she wanted me to stay single and be friends with benifits with her but I have nbever even had sex and I don't want to but I think she just wants to be with other people as well as me because she always talked about grinding on girls and making out with them when I was

    • With her and I cried every night because of it so I had to end it with her then I realized how much I missed her so I did beg her then she ket telling me no for days then said she didn't deserve me then said she thought we would be better friends and I just don't know what's going on and why I wanna beat this girls cousin so badly I just feel so angry right now and I shouldnt

    • Ok. you really don't need to answer her call all the time. the only way to get her back is if you start ignoring her phone calls sometimes turn off your phone. Girls don't like that drives them crasy so than she will be wondering what's going on or she will think you are talking to some1 else.If she didn't care for you she won't be calling you. Don't do anything stupid with her causing is not worth it she is doing all this just to see what you are going to do. oh when you talk to her on

  • when you talk to her on the phone act like you are happy and keep it very short just tell her you have to go out but don't explain with who and all that just say with some friends. try to ignore her don't tel her you miss her or anything like that. I date a guy before that beg me and he got so tired of me telling him I didn't want to be with him and telling things that hurt him but one day that's exacly what he did started to ignore me going out henging out with friends and it killed me when he ignore me and when he use to say he has to go but no explonation. just try to be strong I know is hard but try it. let me know how it works.

    • Ok thank you ill give it a shot it sounds like a interesting method

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